Amrit Jal Pariyojana

  • The Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) has awarded contract for setting up Stand-alone 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) + Ultra-filtration (UF) + Ultra-violet (UV) Technology based treatment plants in various quality affected villages of Rajasthan and thereafter operating & maintaining them for a period of 7-years.
  • The plants are equipped with the latest RO+UF+UV technology to ensure treated water quality as per the BIS/WHO guidelines.
  • The plants have been enabled with most advance & state-of-the-art GSM based Remote Monitoring System (RMS) for ensuring the well-being of the plant anytime and anywhere along with a unique RFID card based Automatic Water Dispensing Unit (Water ADU) for developing ease and transparency in water sale to the users.
  • Users can buy water on Take-away basis @ INR 4.00 for 20 Liters Jar. Extra charges shall be applicable to users for door delivery & cold water.